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среда, 1 июня 2016 г.

Forecast earthquakes, of seismic activity in June 2016. Grand Cross of the planets.

The key configuration of the planets affecting the seismic activity in June 2016 - is the Grand Cross of the planets - Sun, Venus - Jupiter - Saturn (Mars) - Neptune.

Illustration - solarsystemscope

This configuration of the planets determines the resonant seismic activity on the planet Earth, the other planets of the solar system, the solar activity in June 2016.

Given the lack of early May 2016 resonance earthquakes with magnitude over 6.0 - it should be noted that, as in March 2016 - the accumulation of seismic energy of the planet Earth.

Action cosmological factors implies growth of the force of earthquakes from the second decade of May to July 2016 inclusive. Ongoing seismic turbulence during 2016.

Information on earthquake prediction in June 2016...  

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