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четверг, 12 мая 2016 г.

Earthquake in Taiwan May 12, 2016. The magnitude 5.8. Signs of earthquakes.

In Taiwan, May 12, 2016 an earthquake of magnitude 5.8 at a depth of 17.5 km. These are specified. An hour after the first earthquake occurred in Taiwan re-boost magnitude 5.6.

Data Central to Weather by Bureau , Chinese Taipei is.

Earlier, on the "cosmological security portal" was given the forecast - In Taiwan, in May - June 2016 probably resonant earthquake. Taiwanese immediately caught two "fish-earthquakes."

Forecast filled. However, in May - July 2016 is likely to continue seismic resonance in Taiwan.

On Earth, from April to July 2016, a period of seismic turbulence. In seismically active regions occur at two resonant earthquakes a day, a huge number of aftershocks , aftershocks. The number of resonant earthquakes in short period of time.

Earthquakes in previously inactive seismic regions. Austria - April 25 , France - 28 April 2016. In the North East - Pacific Rise - April 29, 2016 .

Information prognosis.

Given the lack of early May 2016 resonance earthquakes with magnitude over 6.0 - it should be noted that, as in March 2016 - the accumulation of seismic energy of the planet Earth.

Action cosmological factors implies growth of the force of earthquakes from the second decade of May 2016.

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